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Pumps & Blowers

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps
  • Direct-or belt-driven, single-and two-stage units
  • Base pressures of 1 micron
  • Displacements from 0.5 cfm to 716 cfm
  • Industrial vacuum versions with operating range from near atmospheric to full vacuum
  • Positive internal oil lubrication system
  • Air-cooled design
  • Anti-suckback valve
  • Viton® shaft seals standard
  • Standard ISO flanges
  • Standard hydrocarbon and heavy duty units
  • Oxygen service units
  • Single-or three-phase - 50/60 cycle units
  • Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Accessories: Filters, Traps, Adapter Fittings

Piston Pumps
  • Belt-or direct-driven, single-and two-stage units
  • Base pressures of 10 microns
  • Displacements from 30 cfm to 728 cfm
  • Rugged, industry-proven piston design
  • Excellent vapor handling capability
  • Automatic integral oil lubrication system
  • Single- or three-phase - 50/60 cycle units
  • Highly efficient space-saving design
  • Accessories: Filters, Traps, Adapter Fittings

Blowers and Blower Packages
  • Rugged two-lobe design
  • Displacements from 125 cfm to 8000 cfm
  • Belt- or direct-drive configurations
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting layout
  • Rugged mechanical-shaft-seal design
  • Automatic bypass option available on larger units
  • Canned motor option for severe duty
  • Interchangeable with other manufacturers' equipment with minor modification
  • All motor types and electrical configurations available
  • Efficient, low-cost method of increasing existing pump system
  • Complete combination pump/blower packages (Vane, Rotary Piston, Dry, and Liquid Ring)
  • Systems complete with roughing pump, interstage manifolding, control panel, and common base
  • Integral blower-elbow roughing pump packages with spacing-saving vertical layout

Dry Pumps
  • Rotary lobe
  • Dry screw
  • Dry Oil-less vane pumps
  • Piston and diaphragm pumps
  • Scroll pumps
  • Blower/Dry Pump packages

Turbo, Diffusion, and CryoPumps
  • Diffusion units with displacement to 50,000 l/s
  • Water-cooled, cryo-cooled, and air-cooled models
  • CryoPump water pumping speeds to 93,000 l/s
  • Turbo units with pumps speeds to 2000 l/s
  • Complete self-contained systems (backing pump, valving, controls, and gauging included)

Liquid Ring Pumps
  • The most-rugged, durable process vacuum pump available
  • Single-rotating-element design with no metal-to-metal contact anywhere in the pump
  • Single- and two-stage high-performance models with capacities from 2cfm to 17,500cfm
  • Vacuum range up to 25 mm Hg (29" Hg Vac.)
  • Mechanical seals standard
  • Combination Blower/Liquid Ring/Vacuum Systems
  • High vapor, condensable, and even liquid handling capability
  • Optional direct-drive, close-coupled C-flange motor configuration on models up to 50 HP
  • Numerous pump material options - cast iron, stainless fitted, all stainless, even exotic alloy versions
  • Once-thru, partial-recovery, full-recovery, and air-cooled, oil-sealed packages
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